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MindFul upholds a commitment to excellence service delivery. Our honest approach provides you with peace of mind during all stages of the purchase process. You can rest assured that a product or service will be analyzed to guarantee that it meet your particular needs.

Computer repair and tuning is the prime service we offer. We opotmize performance, remove bugs and ensure all systems are fully operational to the top capacity. If a machine does not improve or lacks the ability upon diagnostic to perform better we will let you know right away. MindFul does not bill for any consultation or diagnostic analysis.

Web design, hosting and presence is a special service we deliver. Our business customers have come to rely on the full experience of managed services. With this package it offers a yearly fee, but provides year round support, updates and coverage. Protecting appearance is one of the most important aspects of what many business clients need and we exclusively offer such high quailty support.

Hardware is the greatest single expense for any consumer. MindFul is pleased to offer only quailty HP computing machines. With a wide selection of laptops, desktops and tablets make your next purchase a breeze with quality consolation and honest integrable advice.

Open Source. MindFul is committed to providing excellent Open Source solutions to both home and business consumers. In particular the use of openSUSE as a primary computing operating system. We support, service and setup these new technologies to maximize your utilization of the most dynamic platforms available.


Current listed prices are estimated maximums for business clients. If you are a personal user and require support or a small business requiring levels of service with smaller volumes of machines please get in touch with a support agent to discuss pricing.

Offsite Service

Remote Support $65.00/Month